26 March 2010

park day

today was good.
today was fun. {dr. seuss}:

{photo over load}

park day.
we spent the majority of {last} saturday at the park.
well... two parks & a track meet.
it was wonderful.
we mcphees love being outside.

happy weekend.

tomorrow is another one.


Anonymous said...

"photo overload" ?! NEVER. These are too fun :)

on another note - omg her hair, haha, you guys are awesome ;) and did you chop yours?!! it looks shorter! CUTE

Unknown said...

i love you posts hunee. They're my favorite. What a cool family we have. ;)

Michelle Blair said...

I love to see her explore. She is so cute. I love the last pic of Nora and Paul. So cute. You should frame it. Let's do Easter egg coloring next weekend. Are you ready for it?

Jessie said...

Love little miss nora!!


Love the pic with her on your shoulders in the black and white!

kristina said...

I am dying over her in those little jeans! so dang cute!

Jenny said...

Luv luv luv the static picture...such a cutie she is :)

Markelle said...

can't wait for the warm weather to become a constant. Spring is such a tease...I love Nora!