17 March 2010


happy saint patty's day:

a few things green around my house...

the only celebration of St. P. Day
we had was eating
lucky charms
for breakfast.
& my little tiny

maybe when nora is a little older St. P. day will be tad bit more exciting.
maybe leprechauns will come to play tricks on us.
like green scrambled eggs
or green milky,
or... green oreos {yumma}.

pinchy pinch.


Jessie said...

mmmmmm Lucky Charms.......

GOTTA GET ME SOME OF THOSE ASAP!!! Sounds so good! :-)

ps. one of my friends made their kids green pancakes this morning for breakfast and her kids wouldn't eat them because they looked "different"! HA!

MBlairsLars said...

The only green I had to wear today was a sweater or shirt that you gave me. Thank goodness for nieces who have green clothing or I would have been pinched to death!!!

Anonymous said...

ha! um, I think having Lucky Charms for breakfast is the BEST way to celebrate this holiday. that stuff is deeelicious :)

Unknown said...

I am wondering if Melissa (Larson) wore her Shrek suit today. OOOOh!

Michelle Blair said...

Happy St. Patty's Day. I wasn't even aware. Gavin had to tell me he had to wear green today. And I did too.

Markelle said...

dude, I didn't even wear green yesterday. I couldn't believe the amounts of peepers rockin the green shirt, green hair, green shoes, green everything!

btw, I just heard Jack upstairs counting "1, 2, 3," then a big crash followed by a "whoa, mom?"

talk to you later

Sasha said...

We don't celebrate this day in my country but probably that is so interesting!