30 June 2011


the laughter of a girl is, and ever was,:

the key to my success as a mother is
plain & simple.

its a good thing my little tiny is a rockstar sleeper.
now, i've just got to get baby kayl on the sleep train.

sometimes when she is lucky,
my little tiny baby girl
gets to stay up a little later than usual.
i think is makes her feel special.
& i love
spending some alone time with my
ever growing baby.

{yes, another iphone post.}

among the most delightful
sounds of the earth.

hopelessly in love

it is the nature of babies:

i am hopelessly in love my little boy.
even when he is cranky in the evenings.

to be in bliss.

29 June 2011


a persons a person:

because sometimes photos are better than a mumbo jumbo of words,
baby kayl's first swim went a little like this:

he loved it.
& nora g had a great time.

the end

no matter how small.

13 June 2011

sweet monday

i meant what i said and i said what i meant:
this week could be slightly crazier than the last.
i have a horrendously long list of things to do before friday.
but i like a challenge.

especially a challenge that involves cranky children & runny noses.
back to our little utah getaway...
{that was taken about a month ago}

here is our little adventure at the hogle zoo in salty city.
my little tiny mostly ran around with sweet coco.
i love to see my little girl with her cousins. she loves them.

not sure why i didn't get many photos of baby kayl...
poor kid.
you would think that he might be neglected,
but let me assure you,
he is not.

of course we did not think to bring out camera...
so nora's first time to the zoo
was all documented on our handy dandy iphones... oops.

{my mr. mcphee & two mini mcphees}

{the only shots of animals that i got...}

{nora g & coco, they were so cute}

{mr. mcphee & our little gang of children}

{proof that kristina was there too...}

{nora g & baby kayl sleeping as soon as we got in the car}

an elephant's faithful one-hundred percent!

07 June 2011

j & c

friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another,:

the kids did surprisingly well on the way up
{& on the way back for that matter}
to utah.

nora g watched movies & did her sticker books & ate road trip snacks.
baby kayl ate & sat & ate & sat & played with road trip toys.
{only a few melt downs from my sweet guy.}
we stopped in moab to take a breather & play at the park.
it is the perfect halfway point.

we got to uncle benny & aunt kristina's home
{which is absoluetly gorgeous! more on my other favortie mcphees later}
about an hour later two long lost friends came over,
so yummy!

{this is an O so lovely photo of me & my children... remember, we were in the car all day.
i've never been a beautiful traveler.}

{pictured above: cierra, baby kayl, me, julee, & nora g}

these two were the best college roomies i ever had.
so many great times.
i had a fabulous time catching up & introducing my mcphees.

i hope its not five plus years before i see them again,
that was way too long.

what! you too? i thought i was the only one.

03 June 2011

es funee

while we try to teach our children all about life,:

it always takes me a couple of days to get back into the groove of things
after a little weekend trip.
& it never helps when we come home in the middle of the week.

we made the mistake of moving stuff around right before we left
& we didn't quite finish what we had started.

so i'm feeling extra overwhelmed.

yesterday was nutty around the mcphee home.
never a dull moment.

mr. mcphee came home from cleaning carpets & left strait away to a photo shoot.
when he finally got home,
my little tiny got her first good look of what her dad was wearing.

she looked at his shirt & said,
"es elefant. es funee!"

{right before we headed up to take tub tubs & go to bed.
& paul wearing the funee elefant shirt.}

i love that even through all the craziness of yesterday,
she still had me laughing.

some days are more challenging than others,
but i must admit,
being the mother to these two sweet babes
is truly my greatest pleasure.

happy friday!

our children teach us what life is all about.

01 June 2011


pennies do not come from heaven:

our weekend getaway to the beehive state was much needed.
we were able to get in some good quality mcphee time.

we slammed as much as we possibly could into four days.
it was great.

the whole trip "went off without a hitch",
until we got home last night.

after unloading a car full of stuff,
mr. mcphee planned to go de-bug & vacuum our mode of transportation.
our new neighbor rode up on her bike.
we introduced ourselves & chatted for a few minutes,

all the while my little tiny had climbed into the car
{which is NOT a rare occasion}.
i was quickly trying to end our conversation sensing that mr. mcphee was ready
to get on with the evening.

not five minutes after he left for the car wash, my phone was ringing.

"hunee, nora put all the change into the cd/dvd player & it's making an awful noise".

{because i had nothing nice to say}

i could have drop kicked her in that very moment,
i didn't.

& i thought to myself, she is only 2.

its good to be home.

{my little tiny taking a snooze on the way to UT}

{my baby kayl along for the ride}

they come out of the car stereo.