03 June 2011

es funee

while we try to teach our children all about life,:

it always takes me a couple of days to get back into the groove of things
after a little weekend trip.
& it never helps when we come home in the middle of the week.

we made the mistake of moving stuff around right before we left
& we didn't quite finish what we had started.

so i'm feeling extra overwhelmed.

yesterday was nutty around the mcphee home.
never a dull moment.

mr. mcphee came home from cleaning carpets & left strait away to a photo shoot.
when he finally got home,
my little tiny got her first good look of what her dad was wearing.

she looked at his shirt & said,
"es elefant. es funee!"

{right before we headed up to take tub tubs & go to bed.
& paul wearing the funee elefant shirt.}

i love that even through all the craziness of yesterday,
she still had me laughing.

some days are more challenging than others,
but i must admit,
being the mother to these two sweet babes
is truly my greatest pleasure.

happy friday!

our children teach us what life is all about.


Heather @ Dietitian on the Run said...

That photo is adorable - sometimes I still can't believe you have TWO kiddos! And they're so stinkin' cute :) xo!

Markelle said...

that's cute, I love your little "nut job" (your words, not mine) just wait till she is calling people fat...

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