01 June 2011


pennies do not come from heaven:

our weekend getaway to the beehive state was much needed.
we were able to get in some good quality mcphee time.

we slammed as much as we possibly could into four days.
it was great.

the whole trip "went off without a hitch",
until we got home last night.

after unloading a car full of stuff,
mr. mcphee planned to go de-bug & vacuum our mode of transportation.
our new neighbor rode up on her bike.
we introduced ourselves & chatted for a few minutes,

all the while my little tiny had climbed into the car
{which is NOT a rare occasion}.
i was quickly trying to end our conversation sensing that mr. mcphee was ready
to get on with the evening.

not five minutes after he left for the car wash, my phone was ringing.

"hunee, nora put all the change into the cd/dvd player & it's making an awful noise".

{because i had nothing nice to say}

i could have drop kicked her in that very moment,
i didn't.

& i thought to myself, she is only 2.

its good to be home.

{my little tiny taking a snooze on the way to UT}

{my baby kayl along for the ride}

they come out of the car stereo.


Poulsen Photography said...
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Poulsen Photography said...

I am learning there is little need for nice things; if Max doesn't destroy it, the next kid will. Will you PLEASE let me know when you are in the Beehive state again. Maybe the stars can align and we can see each other!

Markelle said...

I totally gut kicked Jack (not hard at all) but I was talkin on the phone and asked him multiple times to leave Miles alone....

glad you had fun! wish I could have seen you though:(

Alicia said...

Once we thought Jake ruined our portable dvd player. He was pushing on the screen so hard with his chubby fingers they left what we thought was a permanent black mark on the screen. I was so mad about it I couldn't even look at it for about six months. When we finally pulled it out again (for our next big road trip) it was miraculously okay.
Here's hoping the same thing happens for you. :)

Hello. My name is Meshan. said...

Haha! Glad you didn't hurt her. :)