26 November 2010

one week

a baby is born with the need to be loved:

i can not begin to adequetly express the
love & gratitude
that i feel for my little mcphee family.

its already been one week since my son has greeted this world.
the week leading up to his delievery was an emotional one for me.
i probably cried in public {in front of family} a few times,
but in private, i was a complete mess.
so many different emotions.

on thursday
{the 18th of nov}
paul & i made our way to the hospital to check in for my "pre-op".
he started kayl's documentary,
which acually made the whole experience a little less "heavy".
i was asked a million different questions about my past medical history,
told not to eat or drink anything after midnight,
had my blood drawn,
got one of many hospital bracelts on my right wrist,
& was told we were first on the list for surgery.
so be at the hospital at 5:00 am.


November 19,
came so fast.

early friday morning i found myself,
getting ready & packing the last few items i might need for my hospital stay.
what a sureal experience.
once again, paul & i headed to the hospital
but this time intow with baby boy clothes & a name.

truth be told, we had the name kayl
{pronounced kale}
picked out a while ago.

preping for surgery went much faster
& with more ease than i expected.
my nurse got my IV in the first time around.
spinal block went great,
loved the surgical team that was with me,
& was so grateful to have my wonderful husband by my side.
he is amazing you know, & i love him.

before i knew it,
someone said the baby's head is out.
i heard suctioning
& two faint cries.
i started to whel up with tears.
i knew that he wasn't crying as loud or as hard as everyone wanted.
my dr. gave me a quick peek over the blue curtain hanging above my face
of my baby boy.
i cried.
he of course was perfect.
i glanced over to my husband, he too was full of tears
& a new love was again sparked between us.

someone told paul to go with kayl.
i was still trying to hear him cry.
it was only a few here & there,
before the aniestiologist asked if i wanted something to take the edge off.
i asked her why he wasn't crying,
i can't really remember what she replied with,
except for asking the same question again.... something to take the edge off.
this time i agreed.
& i dosed off.
long enough that when i woke up, i was sewed up & ready to be shipped off to my room
for recovery.

kayl spent the first 7 hours of his life under the oxygen hood in the nursery.
paul kind of kept me in the dark about how nervous he was about kayl's breathing.
i think the morphine drip i was on helped mask his anxiety.

i got to hold my baby boy for the first time
a little after 3 oclock that afternoon.
& i love him.

nora came to the hospital with my mom
i saw her a total of 3 minutes, combine.
she doesn't care about having a brother.
which is completely fine with me.
because i will always love having her.

kayl ray is such a blessing
a perfect addition to what used to be the 3 mcphees.

{you can also read mr. mcphee's thoughts about our sweet baby kayl here}

Kayl Ray McPherson
November 19, 2010
6lbs 8oz
20 inches long
7:56 A.M.

& i love this boy more than ever.

17 November 2010


red, blue, green, brown, & yellow pokladots:

it would be an understatement if i said that the last few days,
i may or may not have let nora do whatever she pleases...

because i have guilt.
but, an excited guilt?
{said with a confused expression & one raised eyebrow}

i keep thinking to myself,
these are our last few days together.
just me & my little tiny.
i want these last two days to be perfect.

heres a little tiny story, if you will.

yesterday, i got in the shower, with nora of course.
which always turns into a tub, because she prefers it that way.
however, she had a mission to accomplish on this particular day.
her blankie made it in the tub with us...?
yes, thats what i said.
she sat in my bath tub with her blankie in her lap & her left thumb in her mouth.

because a blankie without a thumb, is no blankie at all.

on a fluff of white.

15 November 2010

honest to blog

happiness is:
i have to admit,
i am nervous.
i am a lot of things right now,
well feeling a lot of things.

this week is going to fly by & before i know it,
i will really have 2 babes in my house.

i've recently caught myself thinking,
"what was i thinking?"
"i am excited to meet my son"
"i forgot how many times i could be up in the night"
"i should put a sign on the door that reads something along the lines of:
if you have had any of these symptoms or your family members have had these symptoms
kindly come back to see our new nameless baby boy when you have sanitized or
have not experienced any of the following symptoms for 72 hours."
& then of course there is this huge long list of sicknesses that
can't come into my home.

...a bit much?
{honest to blog}

mostly because this weekend,
my little tiny was so sick.
she still isn't back her normal self.
high fevers {like 102/103s},
runny nose,
achey body & tummy.
according to urgent care, its a virus thats going around,
taking about 3 to 4 days to clear "their system"
it was bad.
today is day 5.

but we survived
& now i am a little congested.

happy monday!
its going to be a great week folks.

the best medicine.

11 November 2010

fleece booty jammies

he's mister green Christmas. he's mister sun. he's mister heat blister. he's mister hundred-and-one:

last year around this time
all she wore to bed was fleece booty jammies.
not this year.
she won't have anything to do with them.

i even cut out the elastic in the ankles.
still a no go.

she may just freeze this winter...
or my gas & electric bills are going to be outrageously expensive.

they call me Heat Miser. whatever i touch starts to melt in my clutch. i'm too much.

09 November 2010

little tiny

my girl:

ah, just because i love her.

talkin bout my girl.

08 November 2010


double, double toil and trouble:

better late than never?
i guesss.
halloween was a total bust.
but nora sure did look cute in her costume that my mom so kindly made.
it was probably the easiest costume shes ever made.

nora wasn't too interested in halloween costumes.
mr. mcphee & i were out on a photo shoot on saturday night {the 30th}
so my mom took her to the halloween trunk or treat at the church.
she wouldn't leave my mom's arms.
she was terrified of eighty percent of the costumes.

when we got to the church to pick up our little tiny lady bug,
all she wanted to do was leave.
so we did.

& that was our halloween.

just for kicks,
i decided to put her in my first halloween costume.
the first time i put it on i didn't even attempt to photograph her,
because she was in near histerics.

this little green dinosaur costume has made it through a few generations
& now its made it's way back to me.

maybe next year nameless baby boy can wear it too...

happy very late halloween!

fire burn and cauldron bubble.

03 November 2010

twenty one months

if you never did you should:

twenty one months, today, means
my little tiny is almost two
& nameless baby boy
will be arriving this month.

my sweet {bahaha} nora grayce has been such a blessing in my life.
i can't image life without her.
infact i can't remember what life was like before she was in it.

nora still doesn't have much intrest in talking,
but she does have her own language that she seems to be very confident in.
she likes to be heard
people laugh when she yells in her jibberish,
but when she speaks english,
i wonder who will be laughing then... certainly not me.
she still loves popsicles & candy & barq's rootbeer.
still loves to be outside.
& still prefers her daddy over me, most of the time.

she's very opinionated.
actually thats an understatement... she is extremely opinionated.
& spoiled.
but i love her, in fact i adore her.
my baby girl is growing up & i don't want her to.

these things are fun & fun is good.

01 November 2010

welcome november

and the days dwindle down to a precious few this november:

november brings a little change for my small mcphee family.
& i feel overwhelmed with gratitude as november falls into place.

some things that i love about november is the aroma of pumpkin roll fumigating my home,
pumpkin candles and scents remind me of my aunt sam.
october through december were her favorite times of the year.

i love driving down the road where golden leaves have fallen & looks like glitter scattering.
i love the excuse that this month gives for family to get together & feast on yummy foods...
like asparagus rolls.
i love my family.

i have so much to be grateful for,
i am grateful for so much.

i am grateful for,
my little tiny & my husband.
& i am grateful to have eternity to spend with both of them.

cheers to a good november.