15 November 2010

honest to blog

happiness is:
i have to admit,
i am nervous.
i am a lot of things right now,
well feeling a lot of things.

this week is going to fly by & before i know it,
i will really have 2 babes in my house.

i've recently caught myself thinking,
"what was i thinking?"
"i am excited to meet my son"
"i forgot how many times i could be up in the night"
"i should put a sign on the door that reads something along the lines of:
if you have had any of these symptoms or your family members have had these symptoms
kindly come back to see our new nameless baby boy when you have sanitized or
have not experienced any of the following symptoms for 72 hours."
& then of course there is this huge long list of sicknesses that
can't come into my home.

...a bit much?
{honest to blog}

mostly because this weekend,
my little tiny was so sick.
she still isn't back her normal self.
high fevers {like 102/103s},
runny nose,
achey body & tummy.
according to urgent care, its a virus thats going around,
taking about 3 to 4 days to clear "their system"
it was bad.
today is day 5.

but we survived
& now i am a little congested.

happy monday!
its going to be a great week folks.

the best medicine.


Heather @ Dietitian on the Run said...

Well hello there, McPhees!

I was so excited to see some new posts on my Reader this morning :) We've missed this adorable crew! I hope all has been well with the new baby K! xo

Heather said...

Hey there little Miss Katie - where is the nameless baby boy at? little Nora must be soo excited!!!