17 November 2010


red, blue, green, brown, & yellow pokladots:

it would be an understatement if i said that the last few days,
i may or may not have let nora do whatever she pleases...

because i have guilt.
but, an excited guilt?
{said with a confused expression & one raised eyebrow}

i keep thinking to myself,
these are our last few days together.
just me & my little tiny.
i want these last two days to be perfect.

heres a little tiny story, if you will.

yesterday, i got in the shower, with nora of course.
which always turns into a tub, because she prefers it that way.
however, she had a mission to accomplish on this particular day.
her blankie made it in the tub with us...?
yes, thats what i said.
she sat in my bath tub with her blankie in her lap & her left thumb in her mouth.

because a blankie without a thumb, is no blankie at all.

on a fluff of white.

1 comment:

Jessica Cockrell-Finch said...

Do not feel bad, Ben's blankie makes in the bath every once in a while and then I kick myself every time cause then its a nighmare to get it away from him soakin wet to put in the dryer.