03 November 2010

twenty one months

if you never did you should:

twenty one months, today, means
my little tiny is almost two
& nameless baby boy
will be arriving this month.

my sweet {bahaha} nora grayce has been such a blessing in my life.
i can't image life without her.
infact i can't remember what life was like before she was in it.

nora still doesn't have much intrest in talking,
but she does have her own language that she seems to be very confident in.
she likes to be heard
people laugh when she yells in her jibberish,
but when she speaks english,
i wonder who will be laughing then... certainly not me.
she still loves popsicles & candy & barq's rootbeer.
still loves to be outside.
& still prefers her daddy over me, most of the time.

she's very opinionated.
actually thats an understatement... she is extremely opinionated.
& spoiled.
but i love her, in fact i adore her.
my baby girl is growing up & i don't want her to.

these things are fun & fun is good.

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