08 November 2010


double, double toil and trouble:

better late than never?
i guesss.
halloween was a total bust.
but nora sure did look cute in her costume that my mom so kindly made.
it was probably the easiest costume shes ever made.

nora wasn't too interested in halloween costumes.
mr. mcphee & i were out on a photo shoot on saturday night {the 30th}
so my mom took her to the halloween trunk or treat at the church.
she wouldn't leave my mom's arms.
she was terrified of eighty percent of the costumes.

when we got to the church to pick up our little tiny lady bug,
all she wanted to do was leave.
so we did.

& that was our halloween.

just for kicks,
i decided to put her in my first halloween costume.
the first time i put it on i didn't even attempt to photograph her,
because she was in near histerics.

this little green dinosaur costume has made it through a few generations
& now its made it's way back to me.

maybe next year nameless baby boy can wear it too...

happy very late halloween!

fire burn and cauldron bubble.


Poulsen Family said...

Cute, cute! I think it is so neat that you have your old costumes and clothes. I don't believe my mom saved that kind of stuff.

morgan eddy said...

this is morgan. your sister.
im creeping on your blog and i can't help but laugh at the first set of three pictures, the one in the middle.
look at noras stomach :)
haha she's so cute.
love you guys.