13 June 2011

sweet monday

i meant what i said and i said what i meant:
this week could be slightly crazier than the last.
i have a horrendously long list of things to do before friday.
but i like a challenge.

especially a challenge that involves cranky children & runny noses.
back to our little utah getaway...
{that was taken about a month ago}

here is our little adventure at the hogle zoo in salty city.
my little tiny mostly ran around with sweet coco.
i love to see my little girl with her cousins. she loves them.

not sure why i didn't get many photos of baby kayl...
poor kid.
you would think that he might be neglected,
but let me assure you,
he is not.

of course we did not think to bring out camera...
so nora's first time to the zoo
was all documented on our handy dandy iphones... oops.

{my mr. mcphee & two mini mcphees}

{the only shots of animals that i got...}

{nora g & coco, they were so cute}

{mr. mcphee & our little gang of children}

{proof that kristina was there too...}

{nora g & baby kayl sleeping as soon as we got in the car}

an elephant's faithful one-hundred percent!

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