01 March 2010

time travel

mr. mcphee a few years ago:

at one time, we were all little tiny babies {duh}.
that spent every waking moment with our mothers.
i like imagining what paul was like, as a one year old.

i've been told that my little tiny is an apple not far from her father's tree.
she certainly looks like him.
she has his bright eyes,
his thin blonde hair,
his nose, lips,
belly button...
mostly she looks just like her dad.
i love this about my little tiny daddy's girl.

so, for now...
feast your peepers upon these.
i love these photos.
love em'.

{photos of little mr. mcphee: age 12 months}

if it were possible to travel in time,
i would most definitely love to meet Robert Cardon {the sweet gentleman pictured below}.
"Brother Cardon", "Bob", or "GrandDad" is what i know him by.
Bob Cardon is responsible for my great grandpa {Raymond Blair} joining the church
{yes, the world is that small}.
by listening to the many memories shared from family & friends alike,
i know,
he was northing short of amazing.

i like to believe that Bob Cardon & Raymond Blair
are responsible for my marriage.
i like to believe that they saw something {in heaven} bigger than mr. mcphee & i,
& aligned our fates.

my wonderful marriage to my best friend
& of course the blessing of our little tiny.

my granny blair always tells paul, "if you can be half the man your GrandDad was, then you'll be doing good."

i love mr. mcphee.


Unknown said...

I love you so much hunee....thank you.

Poulsen Family said...

WOW- it truly is a small world! What a neat connection and story.

Niki Carter said...

So cute . . . They really do look alike. I have a question, how did you get your format to be so wide? I feel like you have so much more space for your posts. I tried to put my text on the right side (yes I was trying to copy you) and it just wrapped around the pictures. Can you help me??

Markelle said...

sweet post, I'm so glad you're happy friend! I do believe that when we are doing what we should, we are in the right place at the right time...you and Paul are adorable.

It seems like anyone who has the last name Cardon is good people.

Cardon Family said...

I wish I could have met Grandad too. Doug always talks about him and tells me I missed out! :) Cute pics!

Unknown said...

and I believe happy in heaven are they!!

Michelle Blair said...

Awww so cute. You have a way with words. Enough said. Love you!

kristina said...

I LOVE these photos!! Nora is a replica of Paul, and Grand Dad was a Grand Man, I am so glad I got to meet him! great post!