24 February 2010

sewing club

seamstress... um... yes that would most definitely not be me:

sometimes i like to make believe that i am talented & creative in the craftiness area,
but sadly i am not.
i guess when it comes to "making" things, well its never been my area of expertise.
{not even sure that i have one area that i would consider myself the title of "expert"}

however i have a wonderful friend.
she pities me {laughing out loud}
find her here.
she inspired me to make some pillows for my big, brown, & boring couch.
i love my pillows... my pillows for my couch. my couch pillows.
love em'.

thank you wonderful friend.
can't wait for our next sewing club.

disclaimer: i have since made 3 more pillows.
i am taking a sewing class on tuesdays, entitled "i can't believe i'm sewing"
{laughing out loud}.
& i have a list of creative craftiness that i am going to accomplish
{& they will be so cute}.

i am a seamstress in the making.


MBlairsLars said...

You are an expert in many things like....Mother....Martha Stewart Apprentice...Photographer...Home Decorator...Stylist/Hair Specialist.....Wife, Daughter, Friend, and Niece!!!

I love you and can't wait to get my sewing machine back...HAHAHA

Jenny said...

Those are AWESOME LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabric you used:)

Michelle Blair said...

You are quite talented in a lot of areas, and it looks like sewing is one of them. They are so cute. I want some. Start selling!

Poulsen Family said...

Sewing is one hobby I would LOVE to take up. The problem is I don't have a sewing machine (or the skills).

Jessie said...

Boo-ya! You're a rockstar and your pillows are the bomb! I wish I could take that sewing class with you...sigh....but lets be honest, sewing club at my house will always be the best!!!

Lets make more when I get home from Vegas, mmmmmkay?????

Markelle said...

I'm so happy your taking a sewing class, I've been hinting, nudging, and plain ole asking Brent for lessons. Poor guy probably just has no idea who to contact or what to say....please share the knowledge to one more wanna be seamstress. love you.

Alicia said...

I am so impressed. I've been trying my "skills" as of late too. We'll see how it goes.

Shar said...

LOVE them! They turned out so cute. Not going to miss sewing club next time. Fo shizzle.

kristina said...

those are such beauties! well done Miz Katie!!

julee said...

look at you go eddy! i bet those look so cute on your brown couch! i love your blog, so much. teach me the ways!