08 February 2010

sneak peeker

everyone must have sunshine:
only a
sneak peeker.

more photos to come {of both events}
when the bathrooms are clean,
the laundry is done & put away,
the floors swept & mopped,
vacuumed my home,
when i have showered
{& gotten ready}.

as for me,
i have sunshine
& lots of cleaning to do.


Poulsen Family said...

If I waited to post after all my "chores" were done I would never be able to post anything :)
With the amount of posts I do a week, you can see where my priorities are. Blogging is so much more fun than cleaning.

Heather said...

Hurry up already and post the darn pictures - I can't wait to see little Nora's birthday pictures and of course your sealing - I heard it was awesome!

Jessie said...

I can't wait to see more pics! The ones you were showing me on your camera were AWESOME!!!

ps. Call me and come visit me this week! Pretty please!

pps. You and Paul should come over tonight for Bachelor! :-) And I'm being serious.

Michelle Blair said...

So cute! I feel very privileged to be at both events. But we want more pictures of you guys! Love you!

Leah Finch said...

I can't wait!!!! Love you guys

The Morrisseys said...

Congrats on your sealing, I'm so happy for you guys! Sorry I couldn't be there. Nora is adorable!

Its a Small World said...

All right Lady!! I have been waiting PATIENTLY for EVER!! I need to see pics of both the blessed events and I have been checking EVERYDAY!!! I need photos ASAP! :)

Jenny said...

Oh i cant wait for the pictures...HURRY HURRY :)

Unknown said...

miss her too!!! wish i could of been there!!! i love you guys so much. give nora a huge kiss for me!!!!!

Markelle said...

ummmm, from the ONE photo you gave us it looks like you out did yourself with Nora's partay! (not that I'm surprised) I love your style!

excited to see more:)