19 February 2010

early riser

early to bed,
early to rise:

in the mornings,
we mcphees look something like this.

{taken with my cell phone}

i consider our mcphee mornings a favorite comfy cuddling time,
only if
i catch ten to fifteen more minutes of beauty rest {winks}.
the end result is my little tiny
endowing off the bed,
running around getting into everything she can,
while mr. mcphee & i lay
& ponder the new day's events.

it never takes long before mr. mcphee
climbs out &
rids nora of her pee bomb {if you will}.
in the meantime i make our bed.
{i only make our bed, to keep myself from getting back in}.
soon enough we 3 mcphees make it downstairs to enjoy breakfast & our trusty signing time dvds.

makes my little tiny healthy, wealthy, & wise.

post script note:
morning time is the ONLY time nora is allowed in our bed.


Holly said...

Thats the only reason I think anyone makes their bed! If I make it, I dont want to mess up the pretty pillows!

Jenny said...

Pee Bomb....you crack me up....but i guess its the truth....:)