11 February 2010

a birthday to remember

three hundred sixty five days of love:
{PHOTO OVERLOAD too many cute photos to choose from}
my little tiny's first birthday party was
all of our families came to celebrate with us,
& that made it even better.
my mom & i went all out {yes, this part-a was more for me than miss G},
& it was worth it.
everything was pink.
each detail of her party is captured in these priceless photos done by shutterfreek {thank you hunee}
first: the decorations {all my hard work}.
{the birthday crown, i made, that she would NOT wear}
second: the yummy & delightful cake.
{CAKE by melody ellis must click here}
third: little tiny's smash cake.
{also by melody ellis}
fourth: celebration time.
fifth: singing happy birthday to miss G.
my little tiny was a little confused when everyone started to sing happy birthday
& was even more confused when the lit candle was in front of her.
her little chubby fingers were ready to pinch out the flame.
happy birthday nora grayce.
sixth: eating cake.
at first nora was cautiously eating the frosting with her little fingers.
& then she got down to business.
she devoured that cupcake,
& surely loved every bite.
this photo is priceless.
my little tiny couldn't be happier eating cupcakes & being entertained by chloe.
nora is the light of our lives.
i love her giggles,
her smiles,
her bright eyes,
i love everything about her.
these last 365 days {add a few} have been some of the most amazing of my life.
my little tiny is a toddler.
three hundred sixty five MORE days of love to come.


Kristin said...

Wow!! Could all your thoughtful details and creativity be any more fabulous?! (I don't think so!) I LOVE the pink and the cake and flowers and crown and everything you came up with! Happy Birthday to your sweet baby girl!

Unknown said...

Hunee you should go in to event planning! Or decorative design! Fortunately, Nora will not remember any of it which will be nice so that we can scale it down next year. :) You're amazing and I luf u!

Heather said...

Best first year party E.V.E.R.!!!!
between hubbys pictures {amamzing} and all the details to the party - I loved it!
Happy Birthday little TINY!!!

Jessie said...

I love it all! Amazing detail on everything!

Um, so I guess Paul is taking pictures at Crew's next Birthday party! :-)

kristina said...

what an amazing job of birthday beauty you put together for your little tiny! I can't believe she is one!!

Markelle said...

I am laughing at Paul's comment...yes Nora won't remember, but she will see pictures and know how FREAKIN awesome it was! Happy Day, Nora! (that is how Jack would say it)

Anonymous said...

Ah, these pictures are precious!! I love seeing your house all decorated for little Miss G (in her tutu, no less! ;) ) I'm glad you kids had a fun birthday fiesta!

and seriously - event planning. You could *totally* do that, I can see it. :)

Jenny said...

She is the CuTeSt!!!! Good job on the party i cant believe she is already one. The time goes by soooo fast. Kash will be two at the end of April and im freakin out.

Leah Finch said...

Birthday Party of the year! Good job parents! Love you Nora!