15 February 2010

on the radiowaves

dear aunt sam,
you have been on my mind. constantly.
tonight paul, nora, & i went to granny's.
i saw your picture in the spare bedroom, the one that gets really cold & has the old toy box with toys that are equally as ancient as granny. the one that you & i used to sleep in when you came to visit & made me stay at granny's with you.
i looked at your picture.
i looked at your hands, the ring on your ring finger, your hair, your makeup. i looked at you.
sometimes when paul prays at night,
he asks Heavenly Father
to send angels
to watch over nora as she sleeps.
i like to believe that
Heavenly Father
sends you.
i long for your phone calls.
i am forgetting your voice.
i think about your pirate mouth, your huge 60 ounce drinks,
your candy dish & candy stashed in various places, your dvd collection,
your nasty basset hound,
your apartment in provo, when you moved to the new house,
your shoe collection,
your perfume, makeup, & hair product collection, your closets packed with clothes.
lots of you... as of late thats what i think about.
so while you wait on the other side of the veil,
i hope you know
i am
thinking of you.
love, kk


Melissa said...


Pyatt said...

Beautiful Katie...seriously. Thanks for reminding us of what is most important!

MBlairsLars said...

Thanks Katie....now I am in tears....Beautifully said. I love you!!!

Unknown said...

She loved you very much!

Poulsen Family said...

Initially I teared up reading this post, but then I got to the picture and couldn't help but laugh. Gotta love the hair!

Touching post Katie.

Niki Carter said...

You are a great writer. I really enjoy your blog:)