12 March 2011


"God heals:
we managed to make it to the dr. twice this week.
my little tiny had sad eyes yesterday,
that progressively got worse.
she woke up this morning with lots of boogs in her eyes.

my dr office is only open on saturdays from 9 to 11:30
& its a "walk-in" day.

nora has conjunctivitis
& a mild ear infection.

cheers to antibiotics & my wild little tiny.

{taken with my iPhone}

& the doctor takes the fees".
{-benjamin franklin}

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Jessie said...

I don't know about you, but I am so ever all this winter sickness. Took the kids to church yesterday, and now Sloan has a runny nose. BAAAAHHHHHH!!! OVER IT!!!

Call me sometime! I would say lets go get pedi's but Shar just told me she saw you getting one a few days back. Boo.