15 February 2011

the yellowman saga

don't be fooled by his tan skin:
most babies have a little jaundice.
most babies get rid of jaundice by simply eating & pooping
within the first weeks of birth.

my baby boy is not most babies.
he hasn't had to spend any time in the hospital under lights,
or under any lights at home.


i have had to take him to get his heel pricked weekly.
{for about 6 weeks, 4 weeks ago. make sense?}
totally sucky.
about a month ago, his levels were down to a 9.
so my dr. said to wait until february 10th to get another heel prick.
i tried to put it off {& sucsessfully did for a couple of days}
before my mom said,
"you need to take baby kayl in to get his heel pricked.
because if something else needs to be done, you need to get it started".

okay, okay.
so i did.
the dr. called today.

baby kayl's bili count is at a 6.
i predicted a 3.
mr mcphee predicted a 7.
so i guess my baby boy is still yellow.

but he's a cute yellow.

we still cant seem to kick this jaundice in the butt.
{thats what mr. mcphee likes to say}

your baby is yellow.

for more information on jaundice
click here.


Hello. My name is Meshan. said...

Congrats on baby Kayl! He's so cute. Good luck on kicking the jaundice's booty!

MBlairsLars said...

So happy to see you have updated your blog. Miracles do happen!!! Katie....you have some of the dang cutest babies I have ever seen...I am so lucky to be their Aunt...even it is a Great Aunt. Love them to pieces!!! and you and Paul too!!!!!!!