14 February 2011

lovers day

happy valentines day:

i have a million posts to update...
well maybe not a million. but quite a few.
i haven't even posted kayl's birth.... or any other photos of him.
& not because i don't think he is cute,
because he is so cute.
possibly the most handsome boy i have ever seen.

but to get jump started again,
because i do miss blogging.
here are my little mcphee valentines.

believe it or not my little tiny is still adjusting to being a big sister.
she tolerates baby kayl.
he can sit next to her,
no touching her.
sometimes she looks at him like he is a little disease.

i know in time this will all change & they will be best friends.
oh the joys of having a sibling.

{you can look but don't you touch}

however, she does give baby kayl kisses.
& for now that works for me.

my little tiny & i made some valentines for those we love yesterday.
{mr. mcphee, granma & granpa, & gram & peeps,
only because 3 cards was my limit}
after we were done using all the jeweled stickers,
nora proceeded to take them off.

here is the card that we whipped up for my mr. mcphee.
he is such a wonderful valentine.
i love him.

LOVE these valentines of mine.

catching up will come in time,
which means by thursday.
{fingers crossed}
because i am teaching a little "class" on how to blog.
very interesting,
seeing as how i haven't been the best blogger as of late.
{& i will be sure to notify when i have posted further back in my blog}
hang in there fellow family readers & lookers,
i'm getting my groove back.


Heather @ Dietitian on the Run said...

Those little valentines are SO sweet!! The sequence of pics are precious :) Hi baby Kayl!

Jessie said...

The sequence of pics looks just like Crew and Sloan. Crew still has his personal bubble that Sloan is not allowed in. Cracks me up!

I still want to come to that class! :)

Poulsen Family said...

I think this was the best part of my day!

Oh, I love that baby double chin :)

Can't wait to see more posts!

Holly said...

Katie, I have missed your blog! And I was just about to comment to you on facebook about not seeing any pics of that sweet new baby of yous! He is so handsome, I must agree one of the cutest:)