17 February 2011

pampers for two

small & white:
my little tiny is not interested in the "potty" yet.
infact, she could care less if she sits in her own,
well poops.
she thinks its funny to "toot toot"
& laughs when anyone in my mcphee home does.

today i finally ordered her toilet trainer.
mind you,
i absoluetly refuse to buy one that sits on the floor
that i would have to dump out & clean everytime.
no, no, no-O.

two babes in diapers...

{she was on her way to kiss him in the first pic,
even though it looks like she is about to hit him.
we are all about the love in this house}

every morning you greet me.


Heather @ Dietitian on the Run said...

These photos are SO so so precious. That's all. Just, adorable. :)

Jenny said...

So cute. Im with ya on the potty seat, i totally refuse to buy the mini potty id have to dump out. YUCK!!

Unknown said...

those pictures are so cute, I LOVE your kiddos. and I'm just curious, did you mark those other posts like you've been blogging all along? nice try sister.

Markelle said...

uh, sorry that up there is me:)

Chels said...

Good luck on the training. Way cute pictures

kristina said...

Love these two!!!