31 August 2010

last day of august.

summer is where the girls go barefoot:

we took an early {& long} weekend & headed to the beehive state on thursday.
the trip was planned for Miles' blessing.
his blessing was wonderful.
lots of family. lots of love.

of course the weekend was a total whirlwind of a trip.
we got in late thursday night.
had a rough friday with a cranky little tiny.
nora slept off a tummy ache & went to the baby blessing on saturday.

we were going to "cut our losses" & go home on sunday,
my sweet nora reemerged from her crankiness
& we enjoyed one last day in utah.

i feel like we have been so busy lately.
time is seriously flying by &
summer is coming quickly to a close.
although busy... its been a wonderful summer.
i have loved watching my little tiny grow.

i feel an abundance of gratitude for my little mcphee family.

i love my husband.
i love my daughter.
& i love my nameless baby boy.

& their hearts are just as free
as their toes.


MBlairsLars said...

What a beautiful picture of your little freakshow! Love that munchkin. Love your nameless boy too. Time is FLYING, and soon enough we will meet that little guy...I CAN'T WAIT!!!

MBlairsLars said...
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Markelle said...

I'm glad you had a good trip, did you guys make it to the zoo? I wish I could have seen you, I left two messages...talk to you soon!

Veronica Monet said...

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