31 August 2011

ain't that dynamite

bkayl woke up earlier than normal
this morning.
we made our way downstairs
to start our early day.
i started to check emails & browse through
my favorite daily blogs.

i came across this....

i smiled {for the first time this morning}
& danced with my baby.
& then started my wednesday over again.

i watched this video several times,
i tried to pick out a favorite dancer
everyone is money.
i am loving this song

i haven't listened to any of their other stuff, so don't judge me if it is terrible.


Jessica Cockrell-Finch said...

Thanks for posting this! It made my wednesday morning! I love the guy in the furniture store, only because he is in a furniture store! Oh and your right everyone cracks me up!! NICE FIND!

Marissa And Jesse said...

haha that is great! makes me want to make something similar! ha :)

Markelle said...

I just may need this song for my running mix:)