02 April 2010

kitchen nonsense

we better keep an eye on this one:

my little tiny keeps me on my toes.
as of late,
she can easily climb onto the couch {& terrorizes the blinds},
goes straight for the stairs {but only when i forget to put up the gate},
takes off out the garage door if its left open {even just a crack},
many other naughty things.

this drawer usually contains ziploc bags,
aluminum foil,
plastic wrap,
on occasion...
a nora.

{pictures taken with my cell phone}

my little tiny
crazy girl.

she's tricky.


Unknown said...

Ah...and to think...what I miss out on even working out of my own home. I love this!!! Luf u.

Jessie said...

Oh just you wait until she is sitting in the TOP drawer! Then we"ll talk! :-)

Anonymous said...

ha! does she also remove the contents of the drawer before getting in? this is cute ;)

on a side note - i love the format that you blog in! having some sort of quote sandwich the words and pictures. :) so creative! mmhm

Jenny said...

trust me the fun is only just beginning....Found Kash yesterday sitting in the kitchen with his big brothers marker box. RED marker all over his arms, and a BIG smile on his cute little face :)

MBlairsLars said...

Maybe she will start taking naps in there....it will make it convienent when cooking....just a thought!

Heather said...

...and things are only beginning to get tricky - you just wait!