16 July 2010

dump trucks & booties

frog, snails & puppy dog tails...:

my mom & sister got our
nameless baby boy a cute outfit
the day we found out he was a he.
cute dump trucks...
are dump trucks cute? i think so.

& this weekend,
{whom i love & has the most beautiful children},
brought these little booties for him.
so cute.

i know i "only" have 137 days left,
but i am getting so excited to meet our boy.

i love looking at all the images
from our ultrasound at
here is his profile.

post script:
boy names are hard!
i can not find a name i like.

thats what boys are made of...
or so i've heard.


Markelle said...

I love buying new things for our new additions...so excited to have a little boy with you!

Its a Small World said...

my vote is Grayson!

Jessie said...

I love the booties!

Just do like me and pick out a name a week before you have the baby! :) And then pick out the middle name while you are in the hospital. That's how I roll!

Shawna said...

ohh my.. yes. boy names really are hard!! but i finally gave in and Wes is getting his way, we are going with Jack.

kristina said...

ah, i cant wait to meet him!!!