20 July 2010

slow melt minis

breakfast is the most important meal of the day:

this little tiny of mine considers slow melt mini popsicles
a staple in her life.
any time we open the freezer,
she hauls "hinney" over to the kitchen.
& on her way over she is always
excitedly talking jibberish.
her little voices elevates & declines
over & over again
in dialogue i wish i understood.

she loves slow melt mini popsicles!

& she never has just one...
she always has two.

{yes, these photos were taken this morning... before 10 a.m.}

she always has a good breakfast before i cave into
her tantrum to have a slow melt mini.

who doesn't love a good popsicle in the summer anyway?

especially when it taste so yummy.


Jenny said...

hmmmmm funny Kash is eating one right now. I finally gave in after an hour of begging...."Pleeeease mom". Just wait until please is in her vocab, pretty much impossible to say no :)

Lisa B. said...

those are a godsend!

Pyatt said...

How cute are those!!!~ and how cute is that little girl!!!

Alicia said...

What is a slow melt?
And can I have one?

Markelle said...

seriously, what are these slow melt minis???