15 July 2010


from there to here, & here to there {dr. seuss}:
i find rocks in our mcphee home everywhere.
my little tiny nora g has always had a fascination with rocks
so its no surprise that i find rocks in
her room, her crib, the bathroom,
in the toy closet,
under the couch & the entertainment center,
in eye level cupboards...

i find rocks everywhere
it always make me

on this particular day,
i found these four rocks while tidying up our family room.
each in a different spot.
when i decided to photograph them,
little tiny nora g had to remind me that those rocks belong to her.

this is what my girl looks like post piggies in her hair.
so cute.
love, love, love my little tiny.

funny things are everywhere.


MBlairsLars said...

I love your little rock finding tiny!!! Give her a love from Aunt Mimi.

Unknown said...

hunee....you're the bess.

Alicia said...

So funny. Jake is also obsessed with rocks. I've actually started collecting them when I find them in the house and put them in a container with my own rock collection... Hmmm... wonder where he gets it? :)

Jessie said...

I love that when Nora plays with the rocks at my house, she always tries to eat them! Such a cutie!