03 November 2009

sutherland farm

off to the pumpkin patch on HALLOWEEN: {better late than never} on saturday mr. mcphee, nora g, & i headed out to sutherland farm to participate in some fall festivities & pumpkin picking. shelly, gavin, mimi, elijah, ethan, & olivia met us out there too {some of my favorite people}. we had such a great time, there is so much to do out there. nora was loving all the attention she was receiving from all her cousins. {she is kindof popular}
i love this time of the year. it is wonderful. & i love spending time with family.
family is

{nora g & aunt shelly}
{me & aunt mimi}



{ethan & gavin}

{nora g & gavin on a barrel ride}

{olivia & her giant pumpkin}

next stop... trick or treat.


MBlairsLars said...

Had so much fun...must do it again next year.

Heather said...

I LOVE every picture - It makes me s miss you guys so much!

By the way - I am so happy for you that you got your endowments and that you are so close to being sealed! That is the best news ever1

Pyatt said...

Too cute Katie...that little girl is so dang cute!!

Anonymous said...

Kate you look gorgeous!! LOVE the ones of her sitting in the corn - those are amazing pictures. And the last one :)

where is this pumpkin farm?! in NM?? I'm confused. haha.