03 November 2009

teeny tiny halloweeny

{chloe: skeleton punk rocker}

{miss ellie: butterfly princess}

the lemur belongs to me: nora was a lemur for her first halloween. {& a dang cute one at that} there is a story behind the lemur, but that is for another day. {when i am not trying to catch up on all my posts}. we started our evening at grams & peeps house with our sweet nieces chloe & ellie. their costumes were awesome. next year i will be sure to put nora in a tutu... no matter what she dresses up as.
we went around grams & peeps block to
trick or treat
with the girls. nora loved it.

we went to see my parents at their halloween party. {nora was falling asleep on our way over}. we didn't get any pictures {darn it}. nora was so enthralled with all the costumes, she was starring at everyone in amazement.

my favorite costume this year was mary poppins & bert: the duncans nailed it!

{took this pic from teri's facebook}

{very late}


Markelle said...

she looks sooo cute, so do the girls! wow the Duncans look awesome!

Nora's lemur costume is perfect, where did you find it?

The Evolution of Ska said...

The Duncans were my favorite too! They SOOOO should have won the contest! I loved Nora's costume. She is the cutest little thing- makes me want to have a girl someday. Love you guys.

Leah Finch said...

I love these pictures of NORA!!!! And of course of my girls too! That was a FUN night!

Melissa said...

Izzie thinks Nora is so cute, but she really wants to "biss" "Tall"...all over!!!

Rachael said...

LOVE love LOVE that lemur!!!!! So dang cute...such a perfect costume! Looks like you guys had fun! Everyone looked so dang cute! Makes me home sick!!!

Anonymous said...

HA!! Teri and Eric look GREAT! Oh, man.

I was waiting for these halloween pics!!!! ;) Did she have fun on the first trick-or-treating adventure?? Looks a little apprehensive in that first pic - like uhh, what is this thing that I'm wearing?

Did you and Paul dress up?? Ahem, where are THOSE pictures?

Heather said...

That is the cutest stinkin' Lemur I ever did see!
Do tell the story of how you picked that!!!

kristina said...

o my lemur baby! so stinkin cute! I have the cutest nieces ever!