13 November 2009

10th picture

this baby is my life: i was tagged by my aunt shelly to pull up the 10th photo from my first photo album. this photo brings me back 9 months ago, to one of the most wonderful days of my life. paul got this shot {and many others, that i wont ever share on my blog} seconds after she was born. i am so grateful that the love of my life was right by my side {with camera in hand, of course}.
she was so small,
so swollen,
so loud,
so perfect,
so loved
& my life is {most of the time} perfect.


Jessie said...

Little Miss Nora!!! Looking back at these pictures brings back so many memories, doesn't it?!?!

ps. I love your new blog header! You need to pimp my blog! I need a new header!

pps. Not only should we go grab lunch sometime, I am also thinking we need to go get pedicures. :-)

Michelle Blair said...

Thanks Katie. I love the memories pictures bring. Love you three!

kristina said...

I love this shot! it brought tears!!