18 May 2010

mallows please

i only eat cereal that turns the milk a color:

nora usually hangs out on the couch
drinking her morning bottle
{yeah, i know its about time to kibosh the "baba"}
& watching a show,
all the while i am in the bathroom
throwing up {t.m.i.}.

today i must have been taking too long,
because when i emerged from my morning routine
i found this...

{taken with my cell phone}

yes the entire bag of marshmallow mateys on my kitchen floor.
lucky for me, i didn't sweep & mop yesterday.
so i just laughed.
& ate a couple mallows before we vacuumed up the mess.

or makes me feel like a kid again.


Jenny said...

i love how she doesnt even seem to know your there. just continues eating her breakfast. so cute

Michelle Blair said...

I'm glad you can laugh and enjoy it!

Jessie said...

Crew prefers to eat food off the floor. To him, it must taste better. Maybe that was her thinking in dumping the whole bag!

Cardon Family said...

Oh man...when Tanner was her age he dumped a whole box of froot loops on the floor too. although...they all look the same, so I don't know what he was hunting for....unless it was a particular color:)

Leah Finch said...

Love these! Too funny!