16 May 2010


adolescence isn't just about prom or wearing sparkly dresses:
my little sister went to two proms this year.
farmington high school & piedra vista.
two stressful proms, for me that is.
morgan asked me to do her hair for both events.
i watched youtube videos on "how to do an updo"
hours & hours of youtube videos.
i dreamt in youtube videos.

well, it paid off cause morgan's hair was awesome {both nights}.
my mom made both her dresses.
i also did two of morgan's best friend's hair for PV's prom.
it was an ALL day event.
& i have to admit, they looked pretty awesome too.

morgan was also crowned junior prom royalty at farmington high schools prom.

while i was doing her hair for the 1st prom, she informed my mom & i
that she had a dream the night before that she was wearing her dress & she wouldn't take it off.
just like when she was little & would play dress up.

i think her junior prom was perfect.

p.s. all photos courtesy of shutterfreek.
its about your hott date too.


MBlairsLars said...

Great job on the hair!!! You made your gorgeous sister even more beautiful (if that is even possible)! Now it's my turn...you need to do mine and Olivia's hair....only the best for our family. We love you!!!

julee said...

i am so impressed with your up do skills miss eddy!

your sis is a doll.

Kristin said...

Your sister is gorgeous! And the hair and dresses are pretty amazing too! You're such a good big sister :)

Poulsen Family said...

Awesome hair, awesome dresses, awesome girl!

Markelle said...

I wish you were MY big sister! She looked soooo pretty!

Anonymous said...

Gah, She has grown up WAY too much - she looks Gorgeous, kate!!! I can't believe your Mom MADE those dresses...W-o-w. :)