16 May 2010

Chinto Been

leopard gecko:

yeah, this little sicko lives with us.
the only reason i agreed to take him in
was because he was being neglected in his former home.
i guess he is a "rescue".

he is definetly not my favorite
& i rather look at him in his tank
than in my husbands hands
or close to my little tiny.

but i guess chinto does have a space in my heart,
a small space.

chinto the leopard gecko.


Heather said...

Gecko - a little creepy! When I was at school in Hawaii they used to climb our walls and I had dreams of them entering my sheets and sleeping with me! Yuckk!!!
You did a fabulous job on your beautiful little sister's hair - I love it! Paul got some great shots!

The Morrisseys said...

You are one brave woman! I'm so freaked out about the salmonella reptiles carry, having a gecko would make me crazy! You should try a dog instead lol!

kristina said...

rad photos!

kristina said...

p.s. Ben's jealous!