18 July 2009

Smokin Hot Babe and Baby G Smiles

I don't know how i got so dang lucky to share life with these 2 special females but I try my darndest not to take it for granted. We seem to be settling in with life as parents. Identifying our roles. It's a good thing KT is so forgiving otherwise I'd be up a Harold Crick. Anyway love these girlz soooo much.


Kristina said...

yes, you are super lucky Paul! but so are they!

MBlairsLars said...

They both are hotties! You really are a lucky man and they are lucky to have you!

Markelle said...

I agree I absolutely LOVE(love)LOVE your wife and baby...oh, my besty.

Katie- I know you get embarrassed when Paul posts pics of you but don't you seriously look hott to trot and its adorable that your hubby is such a fan:) just enjoy it!