06 July 2009

Cardon Family Reunion

Nothing but fond memories about this years Cardon Family Reunion. As we reflect upon the glorious tour of the many Farmington NM parks, and the swimming pools full of soda. The laughs. The cries. The whirl wind of chaotic scurrying children unaware of what they are trying to find yet eagerly trying to find it. The cameo appearance from Adam C and the spectacular performance from the Doug and Jan clan. The scrumptious new grilled chicken from KFC. The fire hot calorie burning talent show. Being graced by the presence of our Queen B - Granny...a tribute to her 90 years of influence on all our lives.

I never got a chance to thank certain people that played such a huge role in everything. I did want to make special notice to Pam and Diane. I would've never produced a video if it wasn't for Pam's prodding. And Diane really took on the role of producer with it all. Of course all of Granny's children make these events possible. I was so grateful to be able to do something with film and Sammy's and Todd's music. It was an amazingly inspiring experience for me. Sorry for those who are not in the photos....I wasn't able to take nearly as many as I wanted. I love you all. Thank you for everyone that contributed to such a great event. Let's do it again. But I say this time...back in the BYU dorms....old school.

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KTLADY said...

Katie and Paul, I don't even know how to tell you how amazing you are. Thank you for all your hard work. And thanks for the time you've spent with Granny to create a family treasure that will always be around to remind everyone how incredible Granny is. You guys deserve everything good.