25 June 2009

Amazingly Inspiring Video

A FATHER INDEED (click to view)

I saw this, this morning and was needless to say touched by it. Makes me want to be a garbage man.


Poulsen Family said...

My husband showed it to me on Father's day and I got choked up.

PS I LOVE the family picture on the right side.

Jessie said...

Um okay....I wasn't aware that I was going to need a box of Kleenex's by my side while watching this video.

Thanks for sharing! Very touching!

Michelle said...

I loved it....i saw it on facebook last weekend. what a wonderful father he is. Thanks for sharing it. i think i have watched it 5 or more times. it was very touching!!

KTLADY said...

Thanks for posting that. I hadn't seen it yet. Loved it. Makes me feel like a dork when I complain about silly things.