08 September 2010

blogging hiatus

i don't care how poor a man is:

i feel like i have hit my third trimester blogging hiatus.
i have. because there are so many things i need to blog it up about.
as of right now, i need to clean up all the clean laundry that nora threw down the stairs,
fold the clean laundry in the dryer,
put away all the clean laundry
do some mid-week touch ups to the bathrooms & my kitchen floor.

its my neverending story.

photobooth: no make-up, just jammies, but! i am freshly showered}

posts to look forward to:
mr. mcphees's birthday weekend.
calling poison control.
utah trip.
nora's nineteen month update.
my growing belly... he is making me huge.

if he has family, he is rich.


Heather said...

I totally know that life - CRAZY but a baby will soon take over everything....again! What JOY!!!

king of kingdom said...

i like your talk that you said... and i want add that when people have good heart the world will be save.