23 September 2010

miss nora grayce

a girl should be two things:
last sunday
{well, i guess two sundays ago}
before church we took nora grayce
to do a mini shoot.
it was her first sponge curler experience.

by the time we had all gotten ready
her sweet little curls had begun to fall.
but the photos turned out so cute.

my mom got her this cute dress.
i love it.
i wish there was one in my size.

the little pink shoes she has on...
well, she put them on in gap a few weeks ago
she was not leaving the store with out them.

she loves these shoes.
if i leave them out, she will wear them all day long.

post script:

my beautiful sister had her senior homecoming dance last weekend.
check out the dress my mom made her
the awesome turquoise necklace she rocked.

classy & fabulous.


Holly said...

Katie, she is an absolute gem!

Heather said...

Seriously Katie - she is rocking those curls - I love it!

Also, Morgan is such a beauty and I love that she wore Vans with her dress! your mom made that? Wowsers!

brit said...

well hello there. your blog is so awesome. i love it. nora is too stinkin cute. you are too beautiful. i am a little jealous of you;)

MBlairsLars said...

Little tiny isn't looking so tiny anymore...a little sad here. Can't wait for the little man to give me the baby fix. Love them both!

Kristin said...

She is so cute! And a girl after my own heart... never too young for a pair of hot pink flats! :)

Unknown said...

Hunee.....I love your posts. I love our Tiny. You're the bess.