22 September 2010

poison control

{this post was originally written on september 2,
but it was during my hiatus... so its appearing now}

for a poison emergency in the U.S. call

in nora's short life span of only nineteen months now,
i have had to make 3 phone calls to poison control.

the first was for eating desitin...

fact: an infant nora's size would have to consume almost an entire tube of desitin to have terrible side effects. for the amount nora consumed... just a mere tummy ache

the second was for drinking liquid skin bandage...

fact: an infant nora's size would have to only consume a fourth of the bottle to have really bad side effects. for the amount nora consumed... a numb mouth with a nice coating of liquid bandage on her sweet lips.

& the third occurred just this morning she ate a decent size glob of tooth paste.

fact: tooth paste is terrible for anyone to ingest. especially a baby. {great}. an infant nora's size would only have to consume a fifth of the tube. side effects are headache, stomach ache, vomiting, & muscle spasms. in the event of muscle spasms call 911 or go to the emergency room immediately. for the amount nora consumed... a milk shake from sonic, a dose of motrin, & a cranky mom.

luckily for me,
my little tiny has survived all these incidents & more
without any problems or complications.
i have a resilient little girl.
she gets this from her father, or so im told.

my mother in law always jokes that until paul was about four,
her main purpose in life
was to just keep him alive.
so here we are, raising the female version of my husband.

somedays it's tiring, hard, & sometimes makes me cranky,
is completely worth every smile, hug, kiss, love, laugh, word, tear, diaper, cookie, pretzel, bottle, tub, puzzle, book... she is worth everything.

& i couldn't do it without my husband.
cause he is worth everything to me too.


Markelle said...

I was babysitting a neighbor kid and she got into Sam's toothpaste. So I made a little call to poison control myself:) my first time too!

Jessica Cockrell-Finch said...

I am ao glad that you posted this, I have learned ALOT! Like its not good for Ben to suck on the toothpaste. I know I'm not a good mom for that one!