10 December 2010


oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree:

everything in my life is running on a delayed schedule,
our mcphee family motto is "better late than never"
so keeping true to our family slogan,
our christmas tree went up wednesday night & was decorated thursday morning.
{& the only reason it was sucessfully decorated
is because my mom & sister
adorned our tree with white lights...
always my least favorite part}

at least it was before christmas eve, right?

my favorite ornament this year came from my mom.
it's actually my little tiny's ornament.
she is loving the tree this year.
which is a good & bad thing.
something is bound to get broken...

i love christmas trees.
the first year we were married we had a real tree
i absoluetly loved it.

on a side note,
our christmas cards will most likely be in the mail after christmas...
so please send me your christmas cards
i live for good mail days!
& kayl's birth announcement may or may not be included.
would that be tacky to get a christmas card & birth announcement in one?
you tell me.

thou tree most fair & lovely.


Poulsen Family said...

Yay! You've posted on your blog!!! So glad to finally be following your life again.

I'm sure you've finished your cards, but I think it's not tacky at all to have Kayl's birth announcement combined.

Michelle Blair said...

I'm so glad you have updated. sort of. Where is tiny number 2? I know you have been busy. We love you guys!

Marissa And Jesse said...

oh my gosh..I would like you to know that my blog for some reason has not been updating when you write on your blog. the last time it said you had was in october..so I have been patiently waiting looking at my blog to see if you had posted something..-thinking maybe she has given up on it because she is so busy with the new babe in the house. But today I decided to click on it even though it said you hadn't updated for like 3 months..and to my surprise you have been and I have missed out! anyways just wanted to let you know I like reading your blog. Nora is beautiful I love her blue eyes! keep it up! :)

Mrs. Valente said...

Your blog is insanely gorgeous! I've been drooling over it for the past twenty minutes!:)