02 December 2010


all i want for christmas is:

well, november came & went faster than i was able to post anything.
i have several posts ready, but no photos to go along with them.
& to be honest,
what is a post without a photo?

my nameless baby boy,
who has been named,
arrived on the 19th of november as expected.
Kayl Ray

so much has changed with the arrival of kayl.
he completes our little mcphee family.

this month, i promise myself to keep my blog updated.
mainly for journaling purposes.
but also because i like sharing
just how cute my kids are.

my great granny used to say,
"every mama crow thinks her babies are the blackest"

yes, i would be that crow.

{baby kayl's very first real bath at one week old with gram}

{ignore this face, he really does love the tub}

i love christmas time.
december is going to be the most wonderful time of the year.
maybe our tree will go up this weekend...
only time will tell.


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