03 December 2009

ten fabulous months

my nora grayce is:
{10 months today}
walking {like a pro},
almost running,
climbing the stairs,
pushing our {loose} doors open,
munching up books,
chewing up her crib {evidence soon to be posted},
cutting more teeth {7 teeth totally through},
claps when we sing "patty cake",
says "ma-ma-ma-ma" & "da-da-da-da" {we love this},
banging on the trash can,
SKYPE-ing with her daddy {even though he is just upstairs},
gives BIG wet kisses {but only to a chosen few},
yells or babbles or hums {when she is eating, walking, sitting, reading a book...},
loving to play with cousins {chloe, ellie, olivia, hannah, & iza},
loving to look at herself in the mirror {or at her own reflection in the dishwasher & oven}
following oscar & abby around at grandma & grandpa's house,
pulling all the dvds out of the cabinet,
opening & shutting every cabinet door {over & over & over again},
& all other things she has perfected over the past few months.

i know i sound like a broken record {from monthly update to monthly update} but my little tiny is getting so big & isn't really a little tiny anymore. {i feel like she is growing over night & there is nothing i can do to slow it down}.

i love her laugh, her smile, her voice, her teeth, her bum cheeks, her chubby feet & hands, her little belly, when she sucks her thumb... i love her everything & always.

my baby.

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