24 December 2009

home for christmas

twas the night before christmas: we spent {the first part} christmas eve with my family. my mom, grandma, & aunts always prepare a wonderful christmas feast {yummy roast beast, homemade rolls, & cranberry pudding}. every year my mom sets the table with her seasonal plates, silverware, & beautiful crystal. i love an empty set table, especially my parents.

{ my family table & the glowing fireplace}

{granny takes a fabulous photo & most the kiddos eating the christmas feast}

{aunt mogen with miss G & iza blair}

my mom got nora her christmas jammies {my mom is the BEST}. enclosed with her jammies was a little baby doll.
{i love the way
she is holding her
new doll
her out}

after opening jammies & wishing everyone a merry christmas, we mcphees made our way to grams & peeps. we arrived to a house stirring with children in christmas jammies too. we snapped a few shots & hurried home because santa was coming!
{ellie & nora}

{nora, ellie, jack, chloe, & jane}

{nora made the nice list, so santa came early}

i love christmas.
i love my family.
i love my husband.
i love my Savior.

Happy Christmas to all, & to all a good night


Markelle said...

cute post! i loved every second of it

Michelle Blair said...

So sweet. How was Tiny's first Christmas? We love you!

Unknown said...

Awe, we did do something right!

Heather said...

Katie -Youre the cutest and that little Tiny of yours just gets cuter all the time!

Anonymous said...

I Love this post!!!! I love seeing pics of your house - memories :) and omg, Morgan is so grown up...wow.....