25 December 2009

christmas morning traditions

CHRISTMAS MORNING in the mcphee home: nora wasn't too interested in opening her presents {maybe next year she will understand}. i showed her how to start unwrapping... but she got bored. she headed over to the cupboards & played with a water bottle instead.

mr. mcphee unwrapped the rest of her gifts while i filmed him {i think paul still feels like a little kid on christmas eve & morning}.

{we didn't bring the camera & missed out on some photos...}
we headed up to my parents house & opened more presents there. nora got hooked up with lots of super cute clothes. then went to mimi's house to eat my grandma's famous christmas morning breakfast, homemade biscuits & gravy. yummy yummy. {this is my absolute favorite christmas meal, i only like my grandmas recipe.}

our morning didn't end there... we went to grams & peeps to open more gifts & eat yet another breakfast {i skipped this one, but the cinnamon buns looked scrumptious} we hung with the fam, talked about what santa brought the children {ellie was hooked up to her ipod all morning}, & chased my little tiny all over the house.
finally we went home
{spent the whole day in our jammies}
took a long

i cant imagine what christmas would be without my family {& extended}. i love being with my two mcphees. they are wonderful to me.

merry christmas 2009.

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