09 November 2011

a place called sutherland

never jump into a pile of leaves:
in the midst of all the work that paul has been doing,
we found some time to go to sutherland farms as a family.
it was great.
the kids had a wonderful time... i think.

{we took over 200 photos... so choosing just a few was hard to do.
here is just a smidgen of what we got.}

for some reason
this little scarecrow's nose was fun to squeeze.

bkayl loves animals
& i love the expression on his face looking at the chickens.

my little tiny is 3 feet small.
{about half my height}

loving the goats.
& feeding them corn illegally from the corn pit.

the corn pit.
nora could live in here.
she loved the slide.
& i loved watching her have an awesome time
playing in corn.
bkayl seemed to like it too...
he may have eaten a handful or two.
so yummy.

we went to pick out a couple of pumpkins for carving...
but my sweet nora wasn't interested.
she didn't want to get out of the yellow wagon,
in fear that bkayl might somehow take it over.
we managed to get a couple of shots at the pumpkin patch
but none as a family.

i love this time of year
when we get to celebrate holidays
that focus spending time together as a family.

i love my little mcphee family.

till next year sutherland farms!

with a wet sucker.{charlie brown's -Linus-}


Heather said...

Has to be the cutest Pumpkin post ever!!!!!
Your little cuties are getting so big and I love baby Kayl's hair! What a stud!
Speaking of hair, are you growing yours to your knees? Holy long gorgeous hair! You look so cute Katie!

Markelle said...

HaHa. we just watched Charlie Brown...gosh, your kids are cute!

Michelle Blair said...

Yay! So glad to see some adorable pictures. It looks like it was great family outing.