11 November 2011

teeny tiny halloweenie

the witches fly across the sky,
the owls go "who, who, who",
the black cats yowl,
& green ghosts howl:

this year's halloween was great!
nora was terrified at our church party,
but warmed up to the idea of trick or treating by halloween night.
she was in complete heaven going door to door with
jack & janie.
she said "trick or treat"
"thank you".
{i must be doing something right}
she also said,
"this is cool, hu?"

bkayl was along for the ride.
he is such a little trooper & most always in a great mood.

i made their costumes in one day...
only because i procrastinated to the last minute.

on to the photos.
my little tinkerbell checkin' it out.

peterpan clung to my hip.

little miss janie as tangled's rapunzel.

baby ben as a little bat.

jack the fireman.

ellie as a punk rocker skeleton.

chloe as another punk rocker skeleton.

& crew as a baby skeleton.

something or someone scared her
& it was all down hill from there.

halloween night: trick or treating



can't wait for next year's festivities.
happy halloween!

scary halloween to you!

1 comment:

Markelle said...

yep, tink and pan are flippin cute! They looked awesome Katie