05 October 2011

cheers to blogging.

there are far better things ahead:

im really stinking it up these days in the blogging department.
i have a gazillion posts to do.

here is one photo of my baby boy.
{thanks to jessie}

i am biased.
i think he is the cutest boy.
i have been blessed tremendously with two
healthy, happy, beautiful children.
& a handsome husband.

hopefully i will start blogging
about them more regularly.

than any we leave behind.


Niki Carter said...

You look pretty:)

Marissa And Jesse said...

so cute! and you look beautiful as always! I was wondering why I hadn't seen anything for a while. get on that! :)

Markelle said...

Love this picture of you and and that beautiful boy. He looks so old! I really need to get to know him:(

Michelle Blair said...

I think he is the cutest little boy too. Yay for Jessie giving you a picture. We want more! Love you!

Jenny said...

So cute...He looks so much like Nora :)