03 February 2009

Labor Update

Well...it's 4am. I don't believe Katie has gotten any sleep. I think I dozed off for about 45 minutes. Swells of moderate to heavy contractions have been occurring consistently throughout the night. The suppository was pulled at approximately 3:30 am after which penicillin and the pain reliever "stadol" were administered. After a sudden vomit of fillet Mignon and zucchini Katie slipped slowly into a more subdued / drunken state. Like immediately. It was pretty funny.

You know I've heard a lot of women say that child birth is like dying. That's hard to conceptualize until your knee deep in it. I fear the best is yet to come. To quote my mother, she compared child birth to "pushing a water melon out your nose". Anyhow we're alive and this is turning out to be a pretty interesting video. Available in stores March 2009 titled "It's A Lemur".

Dr. Fisher is on his way down. We're now getting a talk about the possibility of a c-section. Crap. This is scary stuff. I love my wife so much. This is an amazing sacrifice for which I am truly grateful. Ironically our doctor is African American. The first year ever that I decide to vote, we get Obama...and an African American doctor. Pretty cool stuff. Makes me grateful for God's rainbow family here on Earth.

Well time to put the scuba gear on. We're going under. Cioa!

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