03 January 2009

tummy smooch

tonight we had a dinner at my parent's house for my grandpa. he leaves for mayo to finish up the treatment for his cancer. Morgie and I took this picture to document my progress...

1. SUBJECT K has shown increase in weight gain

2. SUBJECT M bubbling idiot and cant wait to be an aunt

3. SUBJECT K is counting down the last 5 weeks until SUBJECT B presents itself.

4. SUBJECT P extatic

posted by Morgan Eddy (aka SUBJECT M)


Heather said...

You could not be any cuter - when is that little baby coming anyway?> I am so excited for you guys!
Girly- you are missed!

MBlairsLars said...

Cute, cute, cute....can't wait to meet my grandniece/nephew....you are making me so old!

Heather @ Dietitian on the Run said...

KATIE!!!!! My mom Just told me about your blog and I got really excited and um....here I am :)! I LOVE this picture because 1) Whoa, I have not seen Morgan in SO long and she is So tall and so gorgeous! aaaand 2) You are soooo cute with your pregnant belly! :)

Love youuuu *heather c