01 January 2009

"The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"
I don't know what Hollywood is thinking producing 3 hour cinema but it has got to stop. My poor pregnant wife was contemplating whether or not to go pee like one hour into the film. After 2 grooling hours of the awkwardly boring Brad Pitt narrative she finally hopped the seat and went.
This film gets a thumbs up for the brilliant special effects relative to aging. I must admit...it was quite entertaining to hear the bustling native americans when mr. buttons was first revealed. It brought back fond memories of novelty garage pale kids and....Chucky...the psychotic murderer doll kid. The cgi or whatever they used to make Brad and Daisy look authentically old was ground breaking.
At the end of the day for us Mormon's we are once again plagued with the frequent occurrence of fornication and the breaching of the word of wisdom. Oh and I loved how they save the dropping of the "F" bomb for the very end by Mr. Buttons...the old adolecent. Gotta be sure to get that in. This film just dragged on. They could've easily got through the whole aging process in an hour and a half.
This "extra" long film conspiracy to sell more concessions and burn precious time must be addressed. About an hour of the acting was worth an award perhaps but this film had no intrinsic value or positive message of any kind other than the typical Hollywood "Follow Your Dreams"...."Go With The Flow"....."Chart Your Own Destiny"...."Whatever MakeS You Happy"....crap they've been dishin out for years.
Clever story...way too long. Like this review. Peace.

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MBlairsLars said...

Thanks Paul, I was wondering if I wanted to see it, and thanks to you I know I don't want to now. Can't wait to see you guys...by the way, love the logo!